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 Welcome to the online version of the Mayu Guide,

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We're pleased to bring you compiled information for the various meditation facilities throughout Colorado.     

The Mayu Guide promotes organizations whose primary purpose is for meditation, mindfulness cultivation or contemplative study.


At the center of mind-body wellness lies our mental and emotional happiness. Though rare and unpopular in modern times, living with peace can be learned and cultivated through meditation.


Meditation and other forms of contemplative practice have been practiced for millenia. While relaxation and centering techniques are gaining acceptance outside spiritual confines, the most comprehensive and respected forms of meditation are found within the world's contemplative religious traditions.


In Colorado the majority of meditation centers have close ties to the monastic Christian and Buddhist lineages. Christian monasticism evolved with the development of monasteries, remote and isolated from daily life. As a result, Christian meditation centers in Colorado lend themselves best to extended-stay retreats. In the Buddhist tradition, however, meditation is incorporated into daily life, amidst the noise and chaos. As a result, these meditation centers can be found in the heart of urban areas and are available for short and frequent visits.


Please know that all of these centers offer a wide array of classes for those new to meditation, those with no religious affiliation, as well as "samplers and seekers." If you're interested in attending any of Colorado's meditation centers but are unfamiliar with their practices, simply call or write the organization to ask if they welcome those with little or no experience in their particular tradition.


If you operate a meditation center or meditation group with classes or retreats open to the public and would like your organization’s information listed on the Mayu Guide, please contact us at


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