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Unique to Mayu, we offer formal or informal meditation on a walk-in basis Monday through Saturday.   


Mayu is a member-owned, member-operated, member-supported co-op! Click here for more details.

Drop-in meditation is open to members.


Stay half an hour or half a day. Hot tea is complimentary with every visit. 

  Supporting Members pay by donation each visit. Full Members enjoy free drop-in visits.



Are you curious about meditation but hesitant to attend a class?
Have you tried to begin a practice at home but found it frustrating?
Are you looking for more peace and tranquility in your life?

We invite you to sit with a warm beverage, browse reading material for introspection, bring in a journal to reconnect with your creativity, or listen to MP3 players with guided meditations and teachings.



 Are you looking for opportunities to deepen your existing practice?

Our sanctuary allows you to sit with yourself and other practitioners in an environment outside your home or meditation center, at a time that's most convenient for your schedule.


Visit our Start Here page for answers to all your questions.




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Now Available: The Advanced Practice Room

For visitors with formal meditation experience, we now have a new drop-in area. The Advanced Practice Room is a quieter, more undisturbed space that allows for deeper practice.

Guidelines for the Advanced Practice Room

• No electronics of any kind are allowed

• Practitioners are to maintain a formal seated or standing posture only (walking and lying practice can be done in other areas of the sanctuary)

• Movement and noise must be kept to a minimum (posture shifting, coughing, etc., are fine but should be as unobtrusive as possible)

• Sitting orientation will be facing the altar only

• Communication between practitioners is not allowed

• Personal timing devices are not allowed




 Needing a little instruction or inspiration for your meditation practice?

Ask us for an iPod and headphones while you're here. We've loaded the iPods with guided meditations and teachings from a wide range of teachers and traditions. Listen to a favorite instructor or learn a new technique, choosing tracks from 5 to 55 minutes in length. Create your own meditation experience with these unique playlists.


Our heartfelt gratitude to Sounds True in Boulder for their generous partnership allowing us the use of their media library at Mayu. All tracks found on our iPods can be purchased or downloaded from SoundsTrue.com






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