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A meditation chair so revolutionary it requires its own website!


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Perfect Posture for Every Body


We've been refining our signature meditation chairs for years, and we're thrilled to announce the best seat yet!


Not everyone is able to sit on the floor. That's fine! But in order to sit comfortably for long periods of time two things are required:
1) the proper seat height
2) an angled seat.
The Mayu Meditation Seat offers both, in a stylish design that folds compactly for storage and transport.





The most adjustable, portable, ergonomic seat on the market.



7 seat heights allow kneeling and cross-legged postures as well as upright sitting.


Made from beautiful and solid 3/4" furniture-grade birch plywood, with safety pegs of wenge wood.


Seat: 24 3/4" x 11"

Rear Frame: 23 1/2" tall x 24" wide

Shortest Seat Height: 3" at the back

Tallest Seat Height: 22" at the back

Weight: 18.3 lbs


Retail Price: $199

Wholesale pricing available. Click here for details. 




It all started with an observation. Why do meditation centers have a plethora of cushions in a variety of styles,
yet have only folding chairs or conference chairs for those who can't sit on the floor?




Meditation instructor Sean McNamara set out to solve this problem by designing an upright chair with the proper ergonomic design to fit practitioners of every shape and size. His original seat was elegant and functional, but cost-prohibitive and difficult to ship. Yet the adjustable height and tilted seat remained the inspiration for every subsequent design.






The Sacred Energy Seat addressed the first necessary improvements, namely a more affordable and packable chair. MDF composite wood machined with a CNC enabled us to make seats that were rugged and could be taken apart for transport. But in order to adjust the seat height they needed to be completely disassembled. They were also monsters for shipping, weighing over 25 lbs. 





Next came the Mayu Bench, a minimal design that was a breeze to adjust, and weighed considerably less than the Sacred Energy Seat. It was also manufactured in MDF, which works nicely in arid Colorado, but which presented problems for our customers in damp, humid climates. Additionally, some felt the tilting seat was less stable than a fixed seat, and preferred one seat angle to an infinite range of angles.








Taking all these matters into consideration we set out to design the most elegant, affordable, adjustable ergonomic seat possible. The Mayu Meditation Seat is the result.





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