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Sounds of Zen - Shakuhachi flute master Yabuuchi Yousuke

Sunday, August 10th     

10:30am - 12:00pm

Don’t miss this unique opportunity!


In his first visit to the USA, Japanese shakuhachi master Yabuuchi Yousuke will perform and comment on one of the most ancient root-ended bamboo flutes of Japan: the shakuhachi.

Shakuhachi dates back to the 7th Century and was used by Zen priests in Japan as a sacred instrument to reach enlightenment. In the early 1970’s the first westerners started to travel to Japan to learn the sacred music of the shakuhachi called honkyoku.

Honkyoku means literally original piece. Original music for the shakuhachi, which can date back more than a thousand years in Japanese history. Honkyoku are musical pieces, actually sound landscapes, without rhythm and without melody. They are a translation of meditation experiences of monks into sound.

Yabuuchi Yousuke is one of the few holders of an ancient lineage of players that dates back to the 1700’s. He also studied Japanese traditional music at the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and has a Master’s degree at the same university where he wrote a thesis on how the construction techniques of the shakuhachi changed through out the centuries.

Yabuuchi Yousuke is recognized to be one of most vigorous performers of the shakuhachi. From the subtle and delicate sounds to powerful fuzzy air blasts that shake your very being.

His first concert in Denver is a part of this 2014 Tour. After Denver he will be performing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the Cultural Center Banco do Brasil and will lecture at two of main brazilian universities: University of the State of Rio de Janeiro – UERJ and in São Paulo City at the University of the State of São Paulo – USP.

Together with Matheus Ferreira, his first western student, they founded the Suizen Shakuhachi Dojo an international non-profit school for people interested in learning the shakuhachi tradition in the ways of the ancient japanese masters. The Suizen Shakuhachi Dojo school has branches in Tokyo - Japan, São Paulo - Brazil and as of 2014 also in Denver - USA.

He and Matheus will also hold workshops for brazilian students and a meditation retreat on sound at the Enko-ji temple this August.


Seating is limited. RSVPs required.
Suggested donation: $20


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