ITG Programs for illness, trauma and grief


Comfort & Companionship

Everyone wants more peace and stability in life, but never more earnestly than when faced with life-threatening, or end-of-life challenges.

Our ITG Fund for Illness, Trauma & Grief allows us to provide comfort and companionship for those in the throes of life's most difficult circumstances.

The ITG Fund offers participants free and discounted services, including massage and a range of classes and workshops.

ITG programs assist:

• individuals living with a life-threatening illness
• trauma survivors
• those who are grieving
• professionals in end-of-life industries
• family members tending to the dying



Applications for our ITG Programs are accepted throughout the year.
Dowload an ITG application form here.


Applications may be mailed to:

ITG Fund
1804 S. Pearl St.
Denver, CO 80210

All applications receive consideration. We respond to every request within two weeks after receipt.



Our ITG Programs represent a new breed of charitable business models (sometimes referred to as “for benefits”). As an affiliate of Mayu, Inc., the ITG Programs help us combine the best of non-profit and for-profit entities.


You can help us provide free and discounted services.

Make a donation in the amount of your choice.

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All proceeds earned from, and donated to, the ITG Programs are used exclusively for ITG services. Participants who are able to pay for a portion of their services are allowing others to also participate in the programs. Ask us how you or your employer can become a sponsor for these critical services.


Current Services



Oncology Massage

Appropriate for all types and stages of cancer, from diagnosis through treatment, to remission or palliative care. 

Grief-Sensitive Massage

Nurturing sessions that honor the multi-dimensional layers of mental, emotional and physical pain that accompany grief.



Classes & Events

Please see our Classes page for current schedule


Body Awareness Meditation

A guided meditation class using the physical body as a way to become deeply grounded and immediately present. Whether due to trauma, illness or grief, these techniques assist with regaining a sense of safety and spiritual connection within the body.


Brave Conversations

Community gatherings for discussions on illness, dying, grief, and living with purpose. We take the cringe factor out of these critically important conversations, so that we all can learn, question, debate, and evolve into a more skillful society regarding life's inevitables.

Groups will incorporate a variety of conversation starters, from videos, music, art projects, guest speakers and more. Expect transformative dialogues and a renewed sense of life's preciousness. Please bring an open mind, and a sincere intent to speak from the heart.


Caregiver Timeout

Unstructured quiet time for professional and family caregivers to replenish themselves. No set schedule, visitors can arrive and leave as they please. All drop-in sanctuary services are available, including art supplies; guided meditation audio programs; foot, hand & scalp massages; private meditation; and talking with a professional counselor.

Good Grief Yoga

Whether it is loss of a relationship, loss of a job, loss of our health, or loss of a loved one most of us face some type of loss in our lives on a daily basis. This is a 10 week closed group for persons wanting to reconcile their grief on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

In this class we will honor your story and use specific yoga postures, meditation, and breathing practices to help you work through your grief. Working through grief on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level helps you understand your grief on a deeper level so you can begin to make peace with it.


Remembrance Ceremony

A heart-centered ceremony to honor loved ones who have passed, whether recently or years ago. You're invited to bring a photo or small object that commemorates your loved one (you'll be able to take it home with you). This informal ceremony involves lighting candles, reading poetry, sharing thoughts, and silent meditation. A meaningful way to honor your loss throughout the year.


Yoga for Grief

Appropriate for anyone who is grieving. Whether your loss occurred this year or years ago, your heart may still be mourning. This class is an opportunity to connect with your body in a safe and non-judgmental space. There is no need to share your story or explain where you are in your grief journey. No previous yoga experience necessary.








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